Sales Growth Services

A partnership with Sales Growth brings third-party expertise in enterprise sales to the table and adds an inspirational leader to the team. We work with businesses that are seeking to improve their overall operations, increase profit or energise their staff to reach new goals. We collaborate with senior leaders, offering direction through times of change or uncertainty.

As your sales growth consultant key services include:

Business Expansion Planning

Progressing Your Sales Approach

Business Expansion Planning

We team up in a strategic way, understanding and flexing to the individual business needs, maximising the resources available, empowering teams and enabling a clear direction on how to achieve growth.

We will work collaboratively to develop a business growth plan which will focus on your:

  • Customers
  • Channels
  • Value proposition
  • Resources
  • Cost
  • Revenue projections

We will provide the team with a targeted and measurable plan in order to grow your business.

Progressing Your Sales Approach

We support you to move forward in a visionary and transformative manner. A well-defined strategy will provide you with a roadmap to take your business forward.

We will approach this in three key phases:

Exploratory Phase: Provides insights on what’s working, what isn’t, and why, within the sales department.

Visionary Phase: Develop the future vision incorporating sales strategy, lead generation, pipeline, client relationship management, conversion rates, bid management and contract negotiation.

Implementation Phase: Design the implementation of the strategy

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