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At Sales Growth, we will work with you and your leadership team to overcome the issues preventing expansion and help you design a roadmap for sustainable growth. As Sales Growth, we work on projects and facilitate brainstorming sessions, training, and mentoring. Collaborating with Sales Growth provides the ideal solution to help your leadership team visualise future opportunities and define the changes required to realise the growth potential in these challenging times.

We have experience in working with organisations across a range of industries from facilities management to hotels, food services to homecare, technology to construction, and more.

Recent project work included: business planning, development of sales strategy, designing sales processes, developing CRM systems, client relationship management, bid management, approach to marketing services, website briefing, and content development, these involved businesses in Ireland, the UK and Europe.

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Professional Consultancy

Business Mentoring and Training

Professional Consultancy

Sales Growth brings thirty years years of managerial and business development experience to your organisation. We will collaborate at a senior level to analyse, critique, and develop strategic plans to help you exceed your targets.

Professional Consultancy:

Professional Consultancy - Sales Growth

Some businesses have thrived for years without a clear strategy, recent events have challenged this. For businesses to succeed they must foster a culture and clear values that support their vision, their employees, and their customers. The market demands that business is adaptable, flexible, and dynamic in this highly competitive and challenging climate. Companies must plan for their future ensuring they are designing a strategy for sustainable growth.

The proposed approach:

Business Assessment
– Understand your business, complete a gap analysis, unearth the real challenges in the business.

Business Purpose
– Define what the business stands for with your senior team, identify your values, develop your brand proposition. Why, how, and what.

– Complete a PESTLE and SWOT analysis. Analysis your business; sourcing, delivery, people, communication, marketing, and sales.

Strategy and Projections
– Collaborate with the leadership team to develop the future goals and strategy.

Action Planning
– Create a dynamic action plan to achieve the targets, with project owners and appropriate key performance indicators.

Business Review
– Assess, measure, and realign to maximise effectiveness and profitability.

We team up in a strategic way, understanding and flexing to your individual business needs. Focusing on maximising resources, empowering teams, and providing a clear path to achieve growth. We will work collaboratively in developing your business plan, focusing on areas such as:

Sales Growth Services

It is key the sales strategy is aligned with the business goals and objectives. We will review two critical elements:

  1. Sales Organisation
  2. Sales Process


Has your organisation established key objectives for the sales team? Are they supported by:

  • Organisation structure – reporting structures and roles enabling collaboration and optimising team strengths.
  • Job profile – clear definition of roles and responsibilities, assessment of skills, knowledge, and experience, identifying training needs.
  • Key metrics – setting team and individual revenue targets, conversion rates, professional development plans.


An effective sales process supports the successful conversion of leads to new clients with higher client retention rates. We will define an approach and techniques suitable for your business:

  • Prospecting – identify prospective clients across multiple channels.
  • Qualification – Define your criteria in establishing an Ideal Customer Profile, this may take into consideration the market sector, region, client size, business opportunity.
  • Solution development – understanding prospect needs and developing a value driven solution, aligned with client requirements.
  • Closing – deal negotiations and handling objections.
  • Account Management – proactive management of existing clients, cross selling opportunities and referrals.

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Business Mentoring and Training

The most senior executives utilise mentors to discuss and create business processes and strategies. At Sales Growth we work at the most senior level and welcome the opportunity to work with companies from small start-up, SMEs to Blue Chip Companies.

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Investing in relevant and consistent training can help companies future proof their business and improve on overall performance. We design and conduct training for teams in specialist areas including sales, marketing, customer service and sustainability.

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Business Mentoring And Training - Sales Growth