The importance of resilience in sales teams

Now more than ever sales teams are operating in a challenging arena where business is rapidly changing due to the impact of COVID-19 both on their business and their clients. Resilience has always been a critical competency required for a successful sales team enabling them to cope with stresses, challenges and bounce back from adversity.

The definition of resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, toughness.

The Six Domains Of Resilience - Sales Growth

A scientific approach was developed following extensive research by Hello Driven, it outlines six domains of resilience. The domains are grouped in a way that explain specific factors that makes a person resilient, taking into consideration their own role and aspects which influence one another. Where there are weaknesses in particular domains, training, and mentoring help to develop and fill these gaps, presenting individuals that are strong in all areas and well-rounded professionals. The domains are expanded below giving more insight on the relevance from a sale’s professional context.

Vision –

For individuals to have a vision it is important to have a sense of purpose and have clear goals to reach. If teams do not have clarity of what the business is striving for, it is challenging for them achieve goals. The goals should be specific and measurable.

Providing a shared vision unites teams and congruence is evident with teams working together. Through clear vision actions are developed, which will help achieve set goals.

Composure –

In pressurised environments it is important to regulate emotions and maintain composure allowing critical thinking. A positive interpretation bias of ambiguous situations results in higher resilience.

Remaining calm and in control are critical for successful teams when working towards deadlines and targets.

Reasoning –

Teams are required to work towards multiple deadlines requiring excellent advance planning to meet the business demands. Being resourceful in providing innovative solutions to solve client problems are critical elements of rational thinking.

Tenacity –

Proactive pipeline and tender management require persistence and willingness to work hard and smart. Teams with a sense of realistic optimism realise the challenges ahead to succeed. Realism and willingness combined delivers success.

When things do not go as expected it is important to seek feedback, understand the reason for the outcome and act on lessons learnt and move on to the next opportunity.

Collaboration –

Sales teams by their nature work with many stakeholders both internally and externally, a network is critical. Collaborating and making meaningful connections with clients builds strong relationships and trust. Working towards mutual benefit for both parties creates a community with clarity of what is expected.

Health –

Individuals need to look after themselves through nutrition, exercise, and sleep to build strength in body and mind resulting in a strong foundation to build upon.

As leaders it is incumbent upon us to encourage and celebrate teams demonstrating high levels of resilience. Identifying gaps and supporting teams with training and coaching helps build expertise in areas where improvement is needed. Understanding and supporting teams is key to success.

Resilience drives high performing, successful sales teams!